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Sintered Porcelain Stone Technology is evolving and progressing rapidly. For years, sintered porcelain stone has been a material that contributes mechanical and exquisite benefits in an endless range of applications. Sintered Porcelain Stone is the result of many years of research and development.

Thanks to the introduction of large format & lamination pressing technology, it is now possible to manufacture larger sizes of porcelain stone raining from 94”x48” to 126”x63” with a thickness of 3.5mm to 12mm, while still conserving the aesthetic property attributes of sintered porcelain stone. This expands the extent of porcelain,
offering great possibilities for innovation in the fields of construction and interior design.

Due to its high resistance to abrasion, stain, and UV lights, porcelain stone has grown to be the leading option for commercial and residential projects. SinterClad offers a variety of different finishes that include wood, cement, metal, and natural stone designs.

Among the many advantages, due to its minimal thickness, our sintered porcelain stone makes handling & installation of the stone easier and more efficient in all aspects of construction projects. Due to its minimal thickness sintered porcelain stone over existing tile and stone allows installation without demolishing, enabling an expeditious completion time offering a substantial inexpensive installation.

Our 12mm porcelain stone is highly recommended for countertops and floor installments due to its thickness and high resistance, keeping the appearance and structure in the same manner as the day it was installed.

As you may know, porcelain has been used for many centuries to embellish significant buildings and houses. Architects used small porcelain tiles for many years and as time went by we have seen development of larger format tiles, like the one we carry. Both small and large porcelain stones are handled the same, providing all the aesthetic characteristics that distinguish sintered porcelain stone.

Furthermore, sintered porcelain stone requires low maintenance enabling it to be effortless and keep well maintained. Also, its water absorption makes them an advantage for bathroom showers, floors, and countertops.

As a sintered porcelain stone company, it is our pleasure to bring this astonishing porcelain stone to our country, distributing around the whole USA. Our showroom location is in San Leandro, CA.

Don’t miss out, the porcelain revolution is here!

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